Author: jessiejane

Jessie Jane is 26. An orphan by choice and a product of a socially awkward experiment between two consenting adults. She likes observing people and complicates life by asking too many questions and never taking the time to look for answers. She hates waking up to the normal world and finds refuge in the night. She also likes watching the past unfold by looking at the stars. She lives under the pretense of her wanderlust.

The Runner I Watched

You ran and I was watching you run
in circles around me
Like a runner in ecstasy of winning
an illusive trophy.

Warm it was, that night.

I said plenty I realize
it must have been too much
but not enough
clearly not enough.

This torture
of inexperience is not enough
We are left with none
to begin with.


Long Dis

somebody’s playing a song
of long distance love
my hum in the background

between phone calls
and dinners
we can call it a long distance love

if by every step you walk on,
we can count the times we walked together
if it was yesterday
maybe we can do it again


If by reason
I need to follow
I would rather be mad.

To follow is to lose
the shine of darkness and
my world in its empty delight.

Velvety moss,
dipped in hollow verses
when I lay I look and imagine
to fly to cry.

To fly, I went
and held in my hands
the yellows, the blues, and the reds
until each dies into black abyss.

And looking down
eternal deaths in a maze
half in the glinting sun
the rest in the sight of lune.


Enemy Lines

That which is hidden is no longer as desirable
for the cloud that envelopes its existence
is grey and musty.

It lingers like blood in my veins
but easily forgotten
albeit inexorable to exist.

The lights caliginous
marred by uncertainty
and the dark a forced contentment.

A parting without recourse.


We walked on, to your old home
like it was not too long.
Up the elevator we listened
to the same old, same gold.
On the fourth we stepped out
to exactly how it was,
but your home, long gone.

White door, white walls,
the broken chair,
empty halls.

Down the elevator we listened
to the same old, same gold.
Read out what was written
on the wall, same old.

Out in the streets, looking up
the moonlight
Getting kissed, under the moon halo
in the moonlit night
we know we missed the mistle toe
Out in the streets, looking up
the moonlight
Getting kissed, under the moon halo
In the moonlit night
Missing the mistletoe was fine, it was all right.


I am uneasy,
uneasy, uneasy.

Overwrought, synonymous.

My handsa re clammy.
My head is spinning
like a ballet dancer
in an unending act
still spinning and spinning
my spindly feet en pointe.

The note in octaves hammering
trembling lights, thundering lows.

Repeat, on loop, staggering
still spinning.


Cab, bus, black car, red truck,
buses, cars,

Lights. Signal lights.

The train.

Buses and cars.
Trucks and cabs.
A motorcycle.

Green. Orange. Red.
Green. Yellow. Red.

Stop. 60 seconds. Bottleneck.

Heavy traffic.