Enemy Lines

That which is hidden is no longer as desirable
for the cloud that envelopes its existence
is grey and musty.

It lingers like blood in my veins
but easily forgotten
albeit inexorable to exist.

The lights caliginous
marred by uncertainty
and the dark a forced contentment.

A parting without recourse.



Maybe I loved you
when the stars were different from tonight
they still shine
but not the same light
now faded and wandering
from yesterday’s dreaming.

You were there but never captured
in pictures long forgotten
around the round surrounding me.

I should have known you then
when I knew you when
like I know you now
under different skies, calmer seas.

Birds have flown,
the moon a thousand nights risen.

I gazed openly at your face
a maze, a treasure found in rains long dried
without a map to never tell.